The overall goal of the Euphresco (EUropean PHytosanitary RESearch COordination) Phytosanitary ERA-Net is to support coordination and collaboration in the area of phytosanitary research. This is to tackle the steady increase of the introduction and establishment of plant pests and pathogens and the declining European phytosanitary science capacity. 

Launched in 2006, Euphresco has five funding cycles, two within Euphresco I (2006-2010) and three within Euphresco II (2011-2014). All  funded projects concern statutory plant health; focusing on creating links between phytosanitary research programme owners and managers in order to promote the creation of transnational research projects.

A final goal for the ERA-Net is the creation of a sustainable and durable network of funders for this type of research. Euphresco II currently includes 31 partners from 22 countries, on top of which there are 14 observers. 30 research projects are currently being funded, on top of a further 17 from Euphresco I. Euphresco projects are ordinarily funded by project partners, or by a funding body from within their respective countries. 

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