How to get involved

We would like to hear from any botanic gardens and arboreta that already carry out work relating to plant pests and pathogens and/or wish to build their capability to do so.

In these early stages of development we are looking for gardens to trial monitoring methodologies, training materials, databases and forums, identify examples of best practice and generally provide feedback in order to help shape and guide the network. This will help us to build a sustainable and viable network that can provide valuable scientific evidence to plant health.


Benefits for member gardens

The IPSN will provide a number of benefits to member gardens including:

  • Disaster readiness which will help to mitigate the potential impact of an outbreak; a combination of increased monitoring and facilitating access to diagnostic support will allow for quick identification of any damaging organisms. Similarly the IPSN will provide, and gardens will be encouraged, to share information regarding management techniques.

  • Professional development opportunities; by providing standardised protocols and training materials that will help raise awareness and increase identification skills among garden staff.

  • Networking opportunities; by facilitating contact with other botanic gardens and arboreta interested in this area as well as diagnosticians and plant health experts.

  • Being part of the prioritisation process; during the development of this network gardens will have the opportunity to highlight particular plant hosts, pests and/or pathogens that may otherwise have been overlooked.

The network will also utilise the scientific and research significance that living collections have to offer and illustrate a commitment to plant conservation worldwide.


How to join

To join the network botanic gardens and arboreta need to:

  • Designate a contact person who will interact with the network coordinator and  ultimately help to coordinate IPSN activities
  • Read and agree to the IPSN's Member Garden Formal Agreement
  • Send an email to the IPSN coordinator (Katherine O'Donnell) confirming your garden's participation in the network

If you are from a plant health institute and are interested in becoming involved in the project, or have any questions, we would also like to hear from you. Please contact Katherine O'Donnell